Since I was a little girl, I wanted to travel the world.  As I got older, I realised just how hard this was going to be, and the idea faded into the back of my mind as ‘something to do when I’m older.’

Flash forward a couple of decades.  I’m stuck in a city I hate, doing a job that no longer covers the cost of living in said city, sorely lacking in a social life and not getting any closer to my dream career.  I’m still young, but come 26, I had expected to have achieved at least one life goal.

And so, I made a plan.  I’m heading to Australia to work for a year.  But I’m not taking the easy route.  No, I’m going overland, travelling to Asia via the Vodkatrain, and then hitting up China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur along the way.  This blog has been created specifically for me to document my travels, in the desperate hopes that I will actually be able to maintain a coherent diary (if just to make sure my friends and parents know I’m still alive).

This blog is named after the compass from one of my favourite manga’s ‘One Piece’.  The Log Pose is a piece of navigational equipment necessary for travelling the Grand Line ocean where the manga takes place.  In the Grand Line, normal compasses don’t work, instead, a Log Pose ‘sets’ on an island after a certain amount of time, and then points in the direction of the next one.  Much like my travel habits – I never stay too long in one place – never having long enough means you’ve always got an excuse to come back.


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  1. Miriam B says:

    Great idea to document your travels. Enjoy! Australia is a big wonderful country!

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