19th September – Paintball

With last week being the last full week of service, it’s time for the very last staff party of the season.  To be honest the Rendezvous hasn’t had nearly as many as the Roundhouse has, so I’m really looking forward to this one.  We’re all going to paintball!


At around 2pm, everyone’s picked up by bus outside the admin building at Blackcomb, and we head about ten minutes out of town to the paintball area.  They have one area in the forest, and a bunch of games.  Rendezvous is paying for about 2000 bullets, so we’ll keep playing till we run out of them (or choose to buy more on our own dime).  We split into two teams, using coloured tokens to keep it even (yellow and orange – I’m on orange), and start with the first game, Capture the Flag.  Basic rules – one shot that hits and you’re out.  If it doesn’t break, you’re still in.

The orange team is in the right-side base, and unfortunately, we have a lot of people in our team who are REALLY scared about getting hit, and huddle inside the base in fear.  So, we have quite a few people climbing the hill beside us to work as cover, while others try to make their way over, and about half the team huddle in the base.  Needless to say, we lose as we all get picked off one by one, and the people in the base get slaughtered when the yellow team descend upon them.  I get picked out about midway with a shot to the arm.


Thankfully by the next game everyone’s gotten over their fear, which is ironic because staying in the base is actually a good option now.  It’s Plant the Bomb – the yellow team has to get a bomb into our base.  If we can get to the bomb, we can ‘disarm’ it and win.  Since we’re on the defensive, we don’t have to move out as much, so we’re all over the place to protect the area.  I’m in the main base, and poked my gun out of a hole in the wooden barrier, and just fired whenever I spotted a head.  Despite a valiant effort by the yellow team, we take out the bomb holder and manage to crawl close enough to the bomb to ‘disarm’ it.

In the second round, we were the bomb holders, and our leaders came up with a strategy to carry a rock as a decoy, while the real bomb went really low.  I and a few others headed up the hill, and I decided to go right to the very top, ending up getting straight into enemy territory and using the height to try and take out people in the base.  This both did and didn’t work – I could see them and distract them, but I was too high for my bullets to hit and take anyone it.  It was a bit of a catch 22 situation.  Didn’t matter though, because despite being unable to take anyone out, our strategy worked, and we got the bomb into their base.

In the next game, there were a collection of levers all over the area, with yellow and orange tags on the end.  We have to swing them to our colour, in fifteen minutes, whoever has the most tags wins.  Each team has four levels deep in their base, and there is four in the middle ground.

This is a lot harder since staying in the base isn’t an option.  Although in the first five minutes we’re allowed to return after getting shot so long as we go back to our base – this means a lot of people take risks trying to get to the levers.  I try my luck at getting the one closest to our base on the hill, but get hit the first time in the leg.  Second time I succeed in getting one on the south side switched, but within 2 minutes the yellow team have switched it back.  In the last few minutes I go up north again, but yet another bullet takes me out of the running (quite literally, hits me in the stomach and has me doubled over as I limp back to the safehouse), and yellow takes the game again.

At this point some people want to come out and get ready for the barbeque after the game.  Since we’re starting to run low on bullets by this point, this increases our ammo, and the teams get swapped around.  Now it’s the front-line vs the back line.  Due to the number of players, I get swapped into the front line, which keeps me on the orange team.  This time is an orange vs yellow free for all.  No strategy, no needing to move around, just a full battle royale.  I decide to take the chance and head back up the hill since it worked so well last time for hiding, but couldn’t get enough shelter to make my way down, and found myself stuck far too high up.  On top of which, Eli from the other team spotted me, and started making his way up.  I couldn’t hit him in time, and decided to retreat, turning back to the orange base before Eli could make his way up.

I ended up back at the orange base trying to spot people, only to run out of bullets, and decide I’d now use my uselessness to support other orange players.  Whenever they wanted to move, I’d provide ‘cover’ by shooting at other players, who had no idea I was out of bullets.  Eventually though, my luck ran out, and I got hit by, wouldn’t-you-know-it, Eli again.  He’d come down the hill and started tracking players at the base.  As I stood up in surrender though, he didn’t realise and managed to hit me again, this time square on my breast, making the one on my stomach the second most painful injury I’d had today.

The final matchup was between two yellow and one orange, and although they put up a valiant effort, a yellow player took the win, and we all trudged out for the barbeque, having had quite the enjoyable afternoon shooting our co-workers.  We stuck around for about 2 hours eating hotdogs with relish clearly taken from the Rendezvous (all the salsa etc from Mexican that was going to go out of date), and then trailed back into the village.  A few hours later, everyone was at Crystal Lodge for another WB staple.  Karaoke.


I know a few people who’ve gone to this, but I’ve never been myself.  However tonight was a hoot – Rendezvous basically took over the front of the bar, with our managers singing most of the songs.  I went up twice, despite being virtually tone deaf, singing ‘Going Out Like That’ by Reba McIntyre, and ‘Allstar’ – accompanied by one of my bosses who wanted to join in (we ended up messing with each other most of the song), before heading back home.  Definitely need to come more to this once winter starts up.


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I am an aspiring writer - though since I haven't written anything original in about 2 years, so calling me a writer is like calling a man who makes dinner every night a 5 star chef. I started this blog to force me to write. From the 1st January 2013, I intend to update this blog every day. If nothing interesting happens, I'll write about something that does interest me, whether that is a movie, a book, something I've heard about, or even some of my stories growing up.
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