12th July 2017 – Blackcomb Hiking Trails

There’s been a hiccup with the pay checks, so I’m trying to save a bit of cash on my days off while still doing something with them.  Weather’s a bit miserable so the lake is out, but it’s perfect weather to try some hiking.  Maggie is also looking for a hiking buddy, so we both set off around 11 to head up to Blackcomb and try our luck on some of the trails.  I spent the morning looking at the Summer maps, and figured we’d take the shuttle bus to the Seventh Heaven chair lift, and walk along the Treeline Trail since it shuts in a week, then hop onto either the Overland or Lakeside loop, take whatever one we don’t take first back, then walk along the rest of the Overland and hop onto half of the Alpine Trail to make it back to the Rendezvous.  It shouldn’t take more than 3 hours, and all the trails are easy or intermediate, perfect for those of us who aren’t the best hikers or even all that fit.

When we get to Seventh Heaven, we decide to hop up to the summit since Maggie hasn’t been there yet.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best luck – mist creeps in and the glacier is completely invisible.  We can at least see the other side of the mountain, and got to enjoy some extremely sweet hot chocolate before we start our hike.

The Treeline Trail is a relatively steep but short trail that leads up to an intersection of other trails.  Most on Blackcomb are relatively easy – listed as Intermediate but so long as you have good shoes and a modicum of decent health you’ll be fine.  Our biggest issue is just keeping the air in our lungs considering we’re high up, and our legs are stiff from the cold.


When we make it up to the trails, we have the option of Lake or Overland, and Maggie recommends the Lake since it’s likely uphill and means we can do most of the way back downhill.  It’s about 20 minutes to the lake, but we’re so high up the snow is still on the ground.  Can’t even really see the lake because it’s still iced over with snow on top.  Still we have a good shot at it…and I go crashing into the snow when I underestimate how deep it is when I double back.


Since we can’t see much, we follow through the loop, and hit the far more defrosted sections, which are just stunning.  It’s full of small streams and lush undergrowth, as well as the odd marmot sunning themselves on the rocks.


Maggie was right about the uphill/downhill though, because most of the way is flat, with the odd hill, making it a relatively easy hike.  Get onto the Overland loop and head back towards Rendezvous.  Takes about 30 minutes to hop onto the Alpine loop, the easiest track on the mountain – it’s a gravel path so it’s easy even without the right footwear – and fifteen minutes later make it back to the Rendezvous.  Maggie has to head to the Post Office so we need to get back down before 5pm.  Made it for just after 4pm.


When I get back, I also get the schedule for next week, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag.  I’ve gotten two shifts for Thai, but I’m also on call for Monday, and only 3 days where I’m on at 9:30, so it’s a significant drop in hours.  Hoping it’s not a regular occurrence considering how much trouble I’m having with wages as is.


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