4th July 2017 – Lost Lake

Today starts with some bad news.  Despite getting some socialising and work hours, Rhonda is still really homesick, so she’s decided to head home.  Today is her last shift, and tomorrow she hops on a plane back to Australia.  We’ll miss her, although won’t deny having the extra space in this small flat will be helpful

Had a day off, and it’s still crazy hot, so figure I’ll either go biking, or go swimming.  Biking wins out, so head down to the rental shop to try my luck.

Turns out every guest in Whistler had the same idea.  They’re booked solid of the small Sanction, so biking isn’t going to be an option today.  Figure I’ll try tomorrow, and instead go home to change for Lost Lake.

Much like the biking, the weather has drawn everyone outside.  The lake is busy, but thankfully not so much.  My biggest worry is my bag and where I leave it – end up leaving it with another person’s shoes and gear so there’s double eyes and jump right in.

First the water is cold, but once you submerge it does not take long to acclimatise.  Water is relatively clear too, so despite not having goggles swimming underwater is not a chore.  That said, it’s so busy I stay above once I’m too deep to walk on the ground, and swim out to the pontoon.  Get to dive, pull in the floating pontoon for other people, and then swim back to shore.


Lost Lake is fantastic in this weather.  I love freshwater swimming and with the depth and the pontoons you can have a great time.  I just wish I managed to wrangle some other people to come with so I don’t have to over panic about my stuff on shore.

Go in two more times before my skin starts to prickle, suggesting my sunscreen isn’t as waterproof as it promises, and decide to head back.

Tomorrow I’m going to try my luck at biking again – really want to get some more practice in.


About Batale

I am an aspiring writer - though since I haven't written anything original in about 2 years, so calling me a writer is like calling a man who makes dinner every night a 5 star chef. I started this blog to force me to write. From the 1st January 2013, I intend to update this blog every day. If nothing interesting happens, I'll write about something that does interest me, whether that is a movie, a book, something I've heard about, or even some of my stories growing up.
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