11th May – Compromise

Well, M has become a problem.  He doesn’t reply to any of my calls or texts this morning, and despite being told to arrive to pick me up half an hour early, he doesn’t show.  I end up having to call Sohrab and get him to get Charles (who is also running late) to pick me up.  M eventually shows at 9:45 – the time we’re supposed to be arriving.  I’m livid since he hasn’t contacted me to tell me he’d be late – I end up ripping into him for about 2 minutes before slamming the door and telling him to go on without me.  Since Charles has to detour heavily to pick me up, I am NOT going to be the one telling him he did it for no reason.

The Maori guys pick me up ten minutes later, and we get there about 20 minutes late to start picking.  I need the time to calm down, but as it happens we only get an hour of picking before the rain stops us in our tracks.  I approach M and tell him that this can’t happen again – apparently he has an issue with his provider at the holiday camp.  There’s no signal and he doesn’t get my messages until he comes into Te Puke.

Guess what?  It happens again.  However, this time Norma and Bertrand pass and I take a lift instead.  Given that M shows up 10 minutes late, this works for me.  Besides, my frustration at his inability to communicate takes a backburner to the warzone brewing between Charles and Team Eleven member A.

Quick recap – A likes to talk while he picks.  Charles thinks that when he talks, he slows down, and is CONSTANTLY on at him to speed up.  A insists he is hitting the necessary bushels for our maximum bonus (fifteen) and so long as everyone is doing that, we should be allowed to talk.  However, he doesn’t make things any better for himself by suggesting that he’s faster than Charles.  That opens the floodgates and half the day I’m positive the two of them are going to get into a fistfight.  Charles ends up going crazy commando about it too – now snapping at everyone, insisting that nobody talk during the picking.  Nobody takes that well, the conversation and banter is half the reason we like Team Eleven and have stayed with picking as long as we have.  It’s not going well at all.

As for M, we finally hit a compromise.  He admits he doesn’t feel comfortable being responsible for picking me up since we don’t live in the same place anymore.  So instead, I’ll wait at the usual place, and if M arrives on time, I’ll go with him, if Bertrand and Norma arrive first, I’ll go with them.  It’s the only option I have.


About Batale

I am an aspiring writer - though since I haven't written anything original in about 2 years, so calling me a writer is like calling a man who makes dinner every night a 5 star chef. I started this blog to force me to write. From the 1st January 2013, I intend to update this blog every day. If nothing interesting happens, I'll write about something that does interest me, whether that is a movie, a book, something I've heard about, or even some of my stories growing up.
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