6th August – Variety Bash

Today was by far the strangest I’ve ever experienced in the Outback, as we were set upon by the Variety Bash race.  This, from what I understand, is some kind of charity event where people decorate vehicles and themselves, and drive over several days across Australia.  They have to get stamped at each point in order to prove they followed the route.  This year, the Oasis Roadhouse was one of them.

Originally, they were going to be spending the night.  Then they changed their mind and were coming at lunch, and then on the day, that changed to coming later in the day and just having a late afternoon drink.  Information I really wished I’d had sooner as I’m in charge of filling the cold room with beer and was woefully under prepared.


How so?  Imagine 350 wackily dressed characters descending on a bar 4 by 4 feet wide, and all wanting to drink the same can.  A can of which you know full well you only have about 100 cold cans of (especially since one group bagged an entire cold carton at the very start).  Other’s had to drag warm cartons out of storage and dunk them in cold ice water in the freezer in order to cool enough down.  As it was the lot of them cleaned us out of ice in less than half an hour!

P1040086That incident aside though, it was actually a great afternoon.  It kind of made me nostalgic to see all of the costumes, and I now think I have a pretty good idea what it’s like to work at a bar during a convention.  It’s an odd experience, though the people are wonderful.

P1040089My only regret is that due to me working, I didn’t really get much chance to go out and see most of the cars.  The convoy consisted of over a hundred cars, including a Scooby Doo van, a Back to the Future Delorean and a few that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the most recent Mad Max movie.  I just managed to catch a glimpse of them at the pumps are when they drove past the door.  When I finally got a spare minute, I shot a few snaps of the few late stragglers, but they don’t really do the event justice.  Did at least brighten my day immensely (and give me one hell of a job refilling the alcohol cabinet in the morning!).


About Batale

I am an aspiring writer - though since I haven't written anything original in about 2 years, so calling me a writer is like calling a man who makes dinner every night a 5 star chef. I started this blog to force me to write. From the 1st January 2013, I intend to update this blog every day. If nothing interesting happens, I'll write about something that does interest me, whether that is a movie, a book, something I've heard about, or even some of my stories growing up.
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