24th April – Dreamworld

You know, after a week of getting nowhere, staying inside the hostel to save money and yet STILL watching it slip through my fingers, my not-particularly-well-maintained patience snapped.  I’m waiting for an employer to get back to me, and another agency to get the go ahead from places.  I’ve also applied via another agency, and posted an ad on Gumtree, I need to do something that doesn’t involve job hunting or face going nuts!

My choice in diversionary tactics is admittedly not cheap.  I choose to head to the once Theme Park in the area I haven’t done yet.  Dreamworld.
I was tempted by this park last year, but changed my mind last minute when I realised Movie World had the option of 2 additional parks I actually wanted to see, and had the Christmas special.  Figured it was time to complete the set.  Bought a pass and headed down to the Gold Coast.


Dreamworld is actually the closest of all the theme parks I’ve visited via Brisbane.  You get off at Coomera Station instead of Helensvale, and it’s the very first stop on the route for the bus (which comes hourly so you have to make sure your train is timed reasonably well).  As it was a Friday AFTER the Easter break, I was lucky enough to only have to deal with tourist traffic rather than the locals too, which is just the way I like my parks.

The sad news was that the weather had been pretty miserable when I left, so hadn’t bothered packing a swimsuit (Dreamworld is connected to the adjacent Water World), but come the afternoon, the weather was beautiful and kind of wished I could have gone for some tubes.

My first ride of choice was the Buzzsaw, a pretty intimidating ride that’s the first thing you see as you drive up to the park.  You are strapped in via a waist harness, then slowly risen to a vertical 180, with a sharp twist, before flying down the rest of the circle and flying back up again.  Its essentially a loop, but with a sharp twist to give it extra flavour.  Not the longest of rides, but it does provide an astonishing amount of fun for such a short ride.


Headed out of the Outback Area then, and wandered towards the Dreamworks sections, stopping off at a few rides in the Ocean Road section.  These seem to be rides they couldn’t really fit anywhere else, so sort of dropped them here.  Ironic as these are some of the better rides in the park.  The Claw involves a circle of seats being spun while also looping around (tons of fun, but NOT when you’ve just eaten) and Tailspin has you in control of a small plane that flies in a circle, but has 2 wing handles that allow you to affect the wind currents.  Never got the hang of it myself, but saw people being swung complete 360’s by angling the wings correctly.


The Dreamworks areas were one of my biggest factors in coming to Dreamworld.  I love Dreamworks Movies, and any chance I get to enjoy any aspect of them is okay in my book.  Course, Most of the sections AREN’T based on my favourite movies, but I’ll take what I can get.  You have Kung Fu Panda Land, Shrek Land, and Madagascar Land (ironically, I do like the Madagascar movies, but only has a kiddie coaster, a play area and a show, so not much fun to be had here).  Most of the rides here are aimed at small children, but there was one ride in the Kung Fu Panda section that was very popular.  It involved cart-like cars, and had 2 lines – Hard Style and Soft Style.  Hard style had the cards going completely upside down, while soft style just had them swinging – options for the die hard or the family with children.

Kung Fu Panda also had the link to Tiger Island, an area that hosts tigers.  Dreamworld isn’t a zoo persay, but does have a few animal exhibits.  In the afternoon, went to see one of the shows, which is mostly about showing what the tiger can do, and explaining the situation for tigers in the wild.  All of the tigers at Dreamworld are called ‘generic’ tigers, as they can’t trace their origins to the wild and were born in captivity.  Most are assumed to be Bengal majority due to their colouration though.


So, compared to Movie World – its biggest contender ‘theme park’ wise, how does it measure?

Well…if I was recommending someone with a family, Dreamworld is the one to go for, but think Movie World’s rides are generally better overall.  I just happen to like the classic style of coaster, and Movie World has 2 beauties in Arkham Asylum and Superman Escapes.  Dreamworld likes to specialise in unique rides, with unique harnesses and experiences, which can be a bit much to take in a barrage.  However, the shows, character greets are much better in Dreamworld, while both of them have setting and theming down pat.


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